Contributions to publications on EDI (authored or interviewed)

  • Contributor and signatory to the Written Evidence Submitted by The Inclusion Group for Equity in Research in STEMM (TIGERS) in the parliamentary inquiry into Diversity and Inclusion in STEM (2022) of the Science & Technology Select Committee, UK Parliament.
  • Bristow, R., Engel, J., Jayasinghe, I., Kampmann, M., Sansom, O.J., Bryant, D. Conversations with LGBT+ scientists about visibility, leadership and climbing the career ladder. J Cell Sci(2022) 135 (4): jcs259880.
  • Armada-Moreira, A., Cizauskas, C., Fleury, G., Forslund, S.K., Guthman, E.M., Hanafiah, A., Hope, J.M., Jayasinghe, I., McSweeney, D., Young, I. STEM Pride: Perspectives from transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer scientists. Cell. (2021) 184,(13); 3352-3355.
  • (Alphabetically) Antolini, Barker, Boast, Jayasinghe, Muellenbroich, Nellist. “Diversity leads to impact: what we learned from running an inclusive and accessible physics webinar series” blog post for Nature Reviews Physics (2021)
  • Jayasinghe; “Don’t paint my 2020 Pride Month in rainbow colours” Medium https://link.medium.com/q40JF7J4p8 Jul 2020
  • Jayasinghe; “How I got my UKRI Future Leader Fellowship: lessons learned from being a new PI”. Medium https://link.medium.com/W62248qtd4 Dec 2019
  • Quoted byA.Murugesu; “Ethnic minority academics get less UK research funding” New Scientist https://www.newscientist.com/article/2222994-ethnic-minority-academics-get-less-uk-research-funding/ Nov 2019
  • M. Jebsen, C. Abbott, R. Oliver, E. Ochu, I. Jayasinghe, C. Gauchotte-Lindsay; “A Review of Barriers Women Face in Research Funding Processes in the UK” PsyArXiv Preprints https://psyarxiv.com/27mdz/ Nov 2019
  • Jayasinghe (published anonymously) “No pronouns, please; we are scientists”; blog post for The Physiological Society https://www.physoc.org/blog/no-pronouns-please-we-are-scientists/ (verify via news@physoc.org)
  • Jayasinghe, S. Giles, M. Sulu, B. Britton (with 1200 signatories) “Letter to the Editor: Dons speak up for Stonewall trans programme” The Sunday Times: link (open access version via TIGERinSTEMM.org) June 2019
  • Interviewed by Kwok, R. “Transgender researchers want to make an impact” in Science News for Students https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/transgender-researchers-want-make-impact May 2019
  • Jayasinghe; “Trans and non-binary people won’t be erased through the miscommunication of science” Villainesse (https://www.villainesse.com/no-filter/trans-and-non-binary-erasure-through-miscommunication-of-science) Dec 2018

Honours and invitations (selected)

July 2020 – Shortlisted for the UK National Diversity Award as a “positive LGBTQ+ rolemodel” (outcome announced in Feb 2021)

July 2020 – Invited speaker for Pride Month lecture – Department of Chemistry, University of York

July 2020 – Invited speaker for Pride Month event – Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, The University of Glasgow

February 2020 – Keynote speaker at the PRISM Exeter event for LGBT History month, University of Exeter

January 2019 – Keynote speaker at the LGBTQ+ STEMinar held in the Institute of Physics, London

July 2018 – Keynote speaker at the LGBT+ STEM day conference, The University of Sussex


Professional roles in EDI

2021-2023 – Member of Strategic Advisory Team, Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, UK 

July 2020 – Advisory board member for journal: Cell Reports Physical Sciences (July 2020-)

Nov 2016 – Oct 2018 – Committee member of the Athena SWAN committee for the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds

Jan 2019 – Ongoing – Pool reviewer for UK Athena SWAN network via Advance HE

Feb 2019 – Ongoing – Member of the The Inclusion Group for Equity in Research in STEMM (TIGERinSTEMM)

March 2020 – June 2020 – Elected (ordinary) member of the Women in Physics committee, Institute of Physics

March 2020 – Ongoing – Member of the Life Sciences committee of the Royal Microscopical Society

April 2020 – Ongoing – Co-lead of LGBTQ+ STEM

July 2020 – September 2020 – Member of the TIGER in STEMM summer webinars series organising committee


updated April 2022