We are a research team led by Dr Izzy Jayasinghe, embedded within the Cellular Cardiology group in the University of Leeds. We utilise advanced fluorescence and super-resolution microscopy methods to examine the structural basis of molecular-scale signalling and mechanical function of cells. Specifically, we investigate the macro-molecular machineries and their post-translational modifications which govern fast, intracellular calcium signalling in mammalian cell types (neurons, skeletal and cardiac muscle cells) involved in processes such as disease, ageing, sensation, exercise and injury. We are particularly interested in examining the structural and functional remodelling in the above conditions and the impact on intracellular calcium homeostasis.

A parallel focus in our research is to refine the microscopy tools and demonstrate the quantitative potential of these methods to the wider research community. Some of the more recent developments and adaptations of super-resolution microscopy include DNA-PAINT and Enhanced Expansion Microscopy.

We are currently funded by the UKRI, BBSRC and MRC (UK).